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Our story

We're a South and Central American-inspired steakhouse where the heart and soul of Latin culinary traditions are expressed in every dish, from sizzling Argentine-style steaks to Peruvian ceviche. This is no American steakhouse. We're talking about cooking that's as bold as the cultures from which our head chef and owner, Kelvino Barrera, draws his inspiration. We cook over an open flame wood fire grill, a Latin technique called asado that has been perfected over generations, to offer the best cuts of steak with elevated flavor and flare.


The chef

Hailing from Honduras, our talented head chef and owner Kelvino Barrera brings a rich cultural heritage to every plate. With a culinary journey that began at the age of 15, he has passionately honed his skills through years of dedication in kitchens, infusing traditional Latin flavors and cooking methods with his unique, personal flare.

the grill

We cook over wood fire for several reasons. The most important is flavor. Cooking over burning logs and coals also gives us more control over how hot our fire is under the meat or vegetables we’re grilling. We can go slow and low to add a lot of natural smokey flavor or we can go nearly white-hot to get the perfect char on a good piece of meat. Like sausages or pork bellies, some items are placed high-up to catch the smoke from the grilling meats and vegetables below.

There is so much more flavor to be had by cooking in this manner. We’d love to share it with you.

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